Enrolling Abigail at Pulse was a decision that has brought great joy in her life. Abi is a child that possesses more energy in her big toe, than I do in my entire body, and finding something that helped her burn off some of that energy was a sure fit. We tried other sports and that didn't work, but the theatrical side of her shines through and through at the studio.


     Abi gets excited for "dance day" and is always happy when she comes home. She continues to dance at home and loves showing us what she had learned. She loves the staff as they have always welcomed her with open arms. Watching her work hard every week sure shined through at the annual recital and was simply an affirmation of her love for dance. Being asked by your child if she could go visit her dance teacher during the "off time" of the dance year because she misses her, really warms the heart.


Joanne Lebitt, PDFS Nana (August 2014)



     Dancing at Pulse Dance Studio for the last 2 years has helped our daughter Andie mature physically, emotionally and socially.

     All of the instructors at Pulse constantly provide a positive and comfortable learning environment for all children. It has allowed our daughter to build new friendships and develop her dancing skills.


     Andie looks forward to each of her lessons and as parents we are extremely happy she has found an activity she feels passionate about.


Brandi Oulette, PDFS Mom (August, 2014)