Studio Policies

The following is a list of the Studio’s policies and should be read over carefully in order to understand what is expected of both the dancers and parents this dance season. You will be asked to sign that you read and understood these policies before you register for classes.


Refund Policy

After first 4 weeks of classes, refunds will only be issued if a medical note is presented indicating a medical concern not present at the time of registration. If a student decides to withdraw within the first month, refund will be pro-rated according to the number of classes already taken.



There is a need for fundraising to keep the Studio running effectively. We understand that this can be a burden and we will attempt to keep fundraising minimal Fundraising at Pulse is NOT Mandatory, however, it does enhance the services and extra events we can offer our students.  Additional fundraising to offset some of the competition fees for competitive dancers can be organized through the Pulse Parent Committee, and is therefore optional. Some Pulse fundraisers such as our year end Recital ticket sales, are strictly to raise funds for studio expenses. 



Account Balances

If dance tuition and costume fees are paid in instalments, post-dated cheques are mandatory. Account balances are due by December 31, 2019. Competition fees, (including registration fees, jacket fees, etc) must be paid in full by January 30th. If accounts are not fully paid by said date, students will not be permitted to participate in class, and/or at the dance competitions.


NSF Fees

If fees are being paid in instalments and therefore are paid in post-dated cheques, it is mandatory that the cheques are eligible to be cashed on the date that is written. If cheque a bounces and is failed to be cashed, a $40.00 fee will be charged per bounced cheque.


Classes with insufficient enrolment may be cancelled or combined if age and ability levels are appropriate. Some students may be changed to a different class depending on skill level. Age is not the only factor when teachers decide which class they should be a part of.

Tiny Tumblers parents are asked to stay during the duration of their child’s class (due to safety and the young age of the class). All other classes, we ask that parents of dancers remain in the hallway. The doors to the studio will be closed so that dancers are not distracted. Parents will have an opportunity to speak to the teachers briefly between classes, however if more time is needed please ask the instructor to call you at home at a convenient time.



We cannot stress enough the importance of each student’s attendance in class. A great deal of material to cover in each class, and classmates rely on other dancers to be there so they know where to be and what to do when learning their dance. Teaching placements, movement and partner work with a missing student effects everyone. If your child must miss a class, please contact the studio to let us know (705-570-2904).

Attendance will be taken at each class and if your child misses 3 or more classes you will receive a reminder letter and the dancer may not be choreographed into that part of the routine and have to remain off stage. If more than 5 classes are missed in a season (September to April), you will have the opportunity to pay for a 6 session private lesson, otherwise your dancer may not be able to participate in the year-end recital or at competition.



Dancers are expected to act with a certain attitude and demeanor. This includes respect, and no bullying regardless of how subtle. Students who demonstrate inappropriate behaviour will be asked to leave the class. We will follow up with the student’s parents and or guardians. Common guidelines will be followed by all teachers and assistants. If the problem continues, the student will be asked to leave the class for the remainder of the season with no refund.

If a student chooses not to participate during class for no apparent reason, they may sit in an assigned spot to watch; however, parents will be notified of their child’s “non-participation” and it will be recorded on their attendance chart. Frequent non-participation may result in the student not being able to perform in the recital.

Dress Code

Please clearly label your child’s name on all belongings in case they become lost. The studio is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

All students must have appropriate dancewear to attend class. All students also need the appropriate footwear for their class. If a student is not wearing his/her required dance attire, they will be asked to sit out for the class, or borrow from the lost and found. No outdoor footwear in the studio. 


Safety Concerns

No gum or candy is allowed at the studio. This is strictly for the safety of the dancers. Chewing gum/candies while doing a physical activity can be a dangerous and even fatal accident waiting to happen.

No Jewellery is to be worn to classes as it poses as a danger to all dancers (no rings, necklaces, bracelets, hard headbands) Earrings are limited to small studs, no large hoops or dangling earrings are allowed.

Our studio is a NUT-FREE Zone! We are asking that you carefully check any food items brought into the studio.

Our Studio is going GREEN! We encourage dancers to remember to pack re-usable water containers so we can limit the number of plastic water bottles and juice containers in the trash!

Pulse Dance and Fitness Studio WILL NOT be supplying cups from the studio kitchen for students to get a drink. Students may fill up their own water bottles using the sink in the washrooms, however the kitchen is off limits.


Studio Closures

As a rule, if separate and public school boards close the schools due to inclement weather or power outages the dance studio will also be closed. WE WILL NOT CLOSE, HOWEVER, SIMPLY BECAUSE THE BUSSES ARE CANCELLED. Classes will continue and parents may decide whether they will bring their child to class based on the conditions and their own travel restrictions. In the case of Instructor illness or building maintenance issues, every effort will be made to make alternate arrangements for the classes to continue or be rescheduled. We will base decisions about Studio Closure on safety and practicality for our staff and students to travel and get to the studio.  We will post any closure announcements by 3:00pm that day. 


Studio Communication


There is new information frequently throughout the season about what is happening at the studio. In order to streamline communication to parents, important information will be updated regularly in the following locations:

  • On the Announcement board, found on the Home Page of the studio website

  • On the Events page on the studio website

  • By email or text if you indicated such on your registration form, or if you subscribed to our e-mail system.

  • On the Private Facebook Group Page (If registered and a member of the studio)- 

  • On the Monthly Events board in the hallway of the Studio

 This will allow us to also save on the amount of paper wasted in giving out handouts.

PLEASE don’t rely on the Students alone to give you accurate information and relay the messages!!

It is very important that parents check these sources of information often and take note of important dates and information. It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure they are informed about what is happening at the studio. 


End of the Year Recital

At the end of our dance season, students will showcase their skill and talent on stage in front of a large audience. It can be a very exciting and also a stressful time. Please review ALL recital material you are given to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for your child.

Performing in the recital is not mandatory; however, if your child will not be performing please inform us as soon as possible. It isn’t fair to teachers or other students to have a dancer decide last minute not to perform.

If you have any questions or concerns throughout the year you may contact the Owner/Director of Pulse Dance Studio, Dawn Graham at 705-570-2904 or via the Facebook page by private message.


Parent/Guardien Code of Conduct


Children who are not dancing may not be left unsupervised at the studio. Please notify the studio with any changes to the Contact Information: address, phone number, e-mail address, etc. Please call the studio if your child will be absent. Any competitive students who have special events planned throughout the school year (Communion, Holiday, Wedding, etc.) please notify the office staff of the date(s) as soon as possible. There is no smoking permitted anywhere in the studio. There will be no peanut and nut products allowed in the studio or in class, as we do have students with severe allergies. Parents must show respect to teachers and staff at all times. If a parent is acting inappropriately within the studio (gossiping, swearing, yelling, arguing, etc), the parent will be asked to leave the studio for the remainder of the season, and withdraw their child with no refund.

Dancer Code of Conduct


All students must follow the dress code. There will be a zero tolerance policy for bullying and gossip, no matter how subtle.  We are a Team! Cell phones will not be permitted past the purple doors to the studio space.  Students must not chew gum or eat food in class. Only water in the dance studios, juice is not permitted. All snacks and food brought to the studio must be nut  free. Students must not vandalise hallways, washrooms or studios. Anyone caught will be responsible for damages. There will be no jewellery allowed in class. Students leaving money or valuables in the studio do so at their own risk. Do not bring valuables to the studio. Pulse Dance & Fitness Studio Ltd. will not be responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items. All students should be aware of good grooming and hygiene. Students must show respect to teachers, parents, and peers at all times. Students who demonstrate inappropriate behaviour will be asked to leave the class. We will follow up with the student’s parents and or guardians. Common guidelines will be followed by all teachers and assistants. If the problem continues, the student will be asked to leave the class for the remainder of the season with no refund.

In the event that a student is consistently disruptive to the class and is not willing or able to engage in respectful learning, the parent will be notified. In the interest of providing a safe and successful learning environment for other students, the disruptive student may not be able to continue attending classes. 




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