May 2016 Recital Day Tips

May 2015 Recital Show Times and Dancer Arrival Times


Arrival Time

Saturday, May 14th, 3:00pm


Saturday, May 14th, 6:00pm




  • Check the Recital Information Chart to determine which recital your class(es) will be dancing in.

  • All students should arrive at the theater 1 hour before their scheduled show time

  • Some students’ dances are all before the Intermission (Act 1); some students’ dances are all after the Intermission. Regardless, both Act 1 & 2 Students must arrive by the times listed below.

  • Be sure to allow enough time to find parking and to walk to the theater.

  • Younger dancers should arrive in costume unless it is raining.

  • Older students tend to like to dress up in formal attire to wear before and after the show - This of course is optional.

  • All students should enter the building, follow the signed to their designated dressing room, and check in with the volunteer.

For Audience Members

Please tell any of your guests about our rules for audience members.

Please Be Respectful of Other Audience Members

  • Do not talk while parents are trying to watch their children dance.

  • Do not stand up and block the view of parents who are trying to watch their children dance.

Seating at the Theater is assigned

The seating is assigned seating, the seat number and row letter should be written on your ticket. It is our policy to open the doors to the auditorium approximately 30 minutes before the performance begins. Since we have two shows on the same day, the audience must completely clear the theater between the shows. Between shows, the audience will be asked to clear the auditorium and the doors will be closed before the next show. The doors will re-open one half-hour before the next show begins.


No Photography is allowed during the Show!

At the Performance, please DO NOT use any kind of camera or video equipment (including cell phone cameras) during the show. Due to space constraints, it is not possible to allow everyone to take pictures. See our Recital Photo Page for details and other options. Please make sure anyone who is coming with you to the Recital is aware of this policy. Violators will be asked to leave.

Please Only Leave and Enter the Theater Between Numbers

If you need to enter or exit the theater at any time other than the Intermission or at the end of the show, you will only be allowed to do so in between dances and not during. The auditorium doors will remain closed while the dancers are on stage. If you must leave early, or arrive late, please leave and enter the theater between numbers. When an outside door is opened in a darkened theater, it floods the darkened theater with light. When the dancers are dancing on stage, it is distracting to both the audience and to the dancers. It is therefore our policy to keep the auditorium doors closed while numbers are being performed. If audience members need to enter or leave the theater during the performance, they will have to do so in between the dance numbers.

Please Respect our Volunteers

Do not give our volunteers any problems or treat them badly. They are volunteering their time and doing their best to help. If there is a difficult issue or problem that cannot wait, ask to speak to Miss Dawn.

General Ticket Policies

  • Anyone who is not dancing or volunteering during that particular show, needs a ticket to enter the auditorium for each performance.

  • Children age 2 and under who can sit on a parent's lap do not need tickets, however they must not take a seat.

  • Tickets for one show cannot be used for the other show.

  • Volunteers do not need a ticket for the show they are volunteering in. They do need a ticket for the other shows.

  • Tickets will be on sale for $15 at the studio during the week of April 13th until Recital. Tickets will be $18 at the door, if any remain.

  • Families with children in both shows will be able to see both shows for the price of one.

  • Once purchased, tickets are non-refundable, only traded if there are any left.

Tips for Dancers

Be on time or you may miss your number

Your have worked hard all year to be ready for the recital. Please be at the auditorium on time, as we cannot hold up the show to wait for you. Plan to arrive an hour before the recital begins.


Some students’ dances are all before the Intermission (Act 1); some students’ dances are all after the Intermission (Act 2). Some students have dances in both Act 1 & Act 2. Regardless of when their dances are, all students must arrive by the times listed above.


Younger dancers should arrive in costume unless it is raining. All students should enter the building, follow the signs to their designated dressing room, and sign in with the volunteer.

Leaving Your Child With Us

Any parent/guardian who has a child in a show but who will not be attending the show must notify us. You may leave your child with us at the theater. We have volunteers who will take care of your child during the show. However, we will not be responsible for your child between shows, or once shows are done. A parent/guardian must be present to sign in and sign out their child. If you are sending your child to and from the theater with someone else, please notify us.

Picking Up Your Child After They Dance

During the actual recital, parents/guardians must wait until the end of the show to pick up their children. At the end of the show, our volunteers are easily able to help parents pick up their children.

Please pick up your child in the dressing room after the show

Do NOT come backstage at any other time

People may not come backstage to take their children while the show is going on. We are caring for several hundred children. It is extremely disruptive when someone comes backstage or down to the dressing rooms (unannounced) while dances are in progress to have an unauthorized pickup. We are totally focused on getting the children ready for the stage. At the end of the show our volunteers are easily able to help the parents pick up their children. Please do not come backstage at any other time. Families that disregard this request and disrupt the back stage area might not be allowed to participate in future performances. We understand that emergencies may occur. Should an emergency occur, simply let us know what the emergency is as soon as possible and we will do our best to help.

Picking Up Older Students

Our policy is that we want parents to physically come down to the dressing rooms to pick up children below the age of 12 at the end of the show. We have so many children we are caring for, that for safety’s sake, we cannot just release the children on their own and assume that they will find their way to their parents up in the auditorium – there are a huge number of legal and insurance liability issues we would have to address first before we could do this. That being said, children 13 and older are mature enough to leave the dressing rooms without a parent.

Students must remain in the dressing rooms during the intermission

Students are not supposed to come up into the lobby and socialize during the intermission. They must remain in their dressing rooms unless they have permission to leave. During intermission, we are still getting students ready and lining them up for numbers in the second act. 

No Street Shoes are Allowed in the Gym

Students (and volunteers) who are in our Dressing Room “A”, our most chaperoned dressing room, cannot wear street shoes in the Dressing Room. The gymnasium floor has a special surface that can be damaged.

No MEN are allowed in the women's dressing rooms

Pick up your dancer in the hallway. There are many volunteers in the dressing room who can help if your child has a problem. Boys will have their own dressing room, and men may go in there.


We understand that emergencies may occur. Should an emergency occur, simply let us know what the emergency is as soon as possible, and we will do our best to help.

Things to Consider in Advance

Eat Before, Not During the Performances

  • Please make sure your child eats a healthy meal before the performances; they will not be able to eat during the show.

  • Students may not eat in the dressing rooms. We cannot risk food being spilled on costumes. In addition, if one child eats anything, all of the other children want something to eat. This cannot be allowed.

  • In bewteen shows, many families will eat at home. Some families choose to go to a restaurant, but be concious of time. Please do not come backstage while the show is in progress to pull your child out early so they can eat. We cannot dismiss students early from the first show so they can go out and get food before the second. 

Students must change in the dressing rooms, not the bathrooms

Please review the costume page for details of how to handle modesty issues, quick changes, and other costume concerns. Plan ahead.


Label all costume parts. Make sure you have all your costume parts with you.

Keep all costume parts, including tights, shoes, costumes, and headpieces, in a garmet bag with your child's name. You may also want to label anything else your child will be bringing with them. Be sure you have all of the parts of your costume - tights, shoes, headpieces, accessories.

Bring something quiet to do

During the recital, students wait in the dressing rooms before their numbers go on. There are video monitors of the show running in each dressing room. Please have your student bring something quiet to do while they are waiting for their number to go on. Please do not bring anything valuable or easily breakable.


The recital is an exciting time for the students. If you have any questions about the performance, dates, costumes, or whatever, please call us; we are there for you.