Pricing & Special Offers

Classes run from September 2019 to April 2020 for Recreational classes and September to May 2020 for Competitive classes. All payments must be made in cash, etransfer or cheque. We use the same calendar as the school year for holidays. Registration is for the entire year.

Dancers who wish to take two or more classes can pay one Unlimited Classes fee, that is the equivalent of the cost of two classes.  This allows students to take as many as 5 classes for the price of two! 


All students who register at our July registration will have an opportunity to be entered into draws for discounted dancewear, jackets and dance registration fees.  Parents will also be able to spread their payments out over the course of the season with equal monthly payments due on the 1st of each month. ALL payments for the dance season must be paid in full by December 31, 2019.

Late registrations (past our Final Registration date) will be charged a $30.00 administration fee.


Class Tuition for the Dance Year

45 minute classes for the Season  (September 2019 to April 2020)


1 x 45 minute class per week              $395.00 per season


2 x 45 minute classes                          $790.00 per season


UNLIMITED classes = Same price as cost for 2 classes. Take as many as you want in your age group! (unlimited rate is PER dancer, not per family)

45  minute classes for Tiny Tumblers   $395 for full season (Sept. to Apr)  $198.00 for half season 

30 minute MINI age group classes are $198.00 per class for the entire season.  

Competitive Classes: 395.00 per class.  Solo's, Duets and Trios: 8 sessions for $160.00

  • Costs listed do not cover the costs of Costumes and Competition entry fees, which are additional. 

  • Fees may be spread out evenly over several payments.

  • ALL DANCE FEES must be paid no later than December 31, 2019 or your dancer will not be able to continue attending classes until the account is paid. 

  • Fundraising opportunities will be offered to families who wish to participate.  They are not Mandatory. 

Costume Fees

A costume will be ordered for every student in each class. A costume "rental" fee of $60.00 per costume will be charged to parents to cover the cost of ordering, shipping and customs charges and cleaning of costumes after recital. Costumes will then be kept by the studio to be used in future performances. If you prefer to pay the full cost of the costume + shipping, you may keep the costume. 


Parents will be responsible for measuring the sizing of their child, and will return the costumes to the studio following the year-end recital. Parents will be invoiced for any un-returned or damaged costumes. 

All costumes will be ordered by the end of October, therefore ALL costume fees must be paid in full by that time, or they will not be ordered.