2016 Recital Opening Number & Finale

About the Opening Number

This is our second year preforming an Opening Number to kick off the show. Students in Primary, Junior and Senior classes will be learning a routine during their regular classes in which they will perform at the start of the evening show.


After learning the routine in class, students will come together for 1 rehearsal to practice all together on Saturday, May 7th at 2:00pm.

About the Finale

ALL students have the opportunity to participate in the finale. Students preforming in the evening show  will be learning a choreographed dance in their regular classes. Those in the Matinee Show (Petities, Kinder-Bop, and others) won't be learning any choreography but will still get a chance to come on stage at the end of the performance to take a bow.


Costumes and Shoes

Opening Number students will receive a Pulse Recital T-Shirt as a courtesy of the Pulse Parent Commitee's fundraising in which students will get to keep as a souvenir after recital. Students are to wear black leggings, boys can wear black pants. For shoes, dancers can either wear toe undies or bare feet.