Recital Hair and Makeup


Stage makeup is important when performing under bright lights and in front of a far away crowd. Without makeup, the face is washed out and features are not visible to audience members or on video. The purpose of stage makeup is not to make children look older, but to make their facial features visible.


  • Makeup must be worn by all students for Recital. Younger children (6 and under) should wear lipliner, lipstick, eye shadow, blush, and mascara, using the correct colours. 

  • Older students (7 and up) should wear the same, plus foundation, powder, bronzer, eyeliner and eyelashes.  If your child's eyebrows are light, please darken them slightly. 

  • Boys should wear blush and mascara.



To simplify things more, here is a video tutorial for the required make up style however, instead of gold in the crease, use light brown, dark brown on the lid and the lightest colour under the brows.



For the sake of neatness, most of our students will need to have their hair neatly pulled back into a donut bun or other specified hairdo with no bangs. Students will need to have their hair up in donut buns, french braids, or curly ponytails.  Please see the Recital Information Chart for a listing of how each class needs to have their hair done.


  • Most students will need to use gel to hold their hair in place.

  • Students needing buns need to use hairpins and a hair donut

  • Regardless of style, the bangs of all students must be pulled back off their faces.  If a student's bangs are short, wet their hair, use gel and bobby pins to get them back.

  • Students with very short hair must have it secured back so that it is not hanging loose.

  • Please do not use fancy colored clips, beads, or other visible hair accessories. Just pull their hair straight back cleanly and neatly into the necessary hairstyle. The goal is to see the hairpiece that comes with the costume and not the accessories needed to hold up the hair. Again call us if you have a concerns

Headpieces: Make sure your child's hair and any hair accessories (hat, bow, etc) are secured firmly.  You should be able to give the headpiece a tug without it moving.  It is very upsetting to the child if their headpiece falls out.


Hair for Professional Photos: We will have a professional photographer available to take pictures, for those families who would like to purchase them. Photo Day will be held at the studio. Students must wear their hair the same way that they did for recital


Since the majority of classes require a Donut Bun, here is a video tutorial on how to do it correctly 2 different ways (however make sure the bangs are pulled bac, not like they are shown here) for your convenience: