Jadyn O'Reilly Was born in New Liskeard, Ontario and is now being raised in Kirkland Lake where she attends middle school at KLDCS, in the french immersion program. From the age of 3 to 11 Jadyn had danced in JSANO's 2 week summer dance program. Once she turned 11 she began dancing at Pulse Dance And Fitness Studio when her mother first opened it, and is now going on her third year with the studio. Jadyn has preformed several times at the northern college in dance recitals as well as in different festivals and dance competitions. She has also preformed at various charity events.


     Jadyn has helped assist dance classes at Pulse Dance And Fitness Studio occasionally in the past and has also worked at all of the different summer camps that PDFS offers. She knew dance was her passion, and that she loved preforming for others after being onstage for the first time. Jadyn's favourite memory of dance was when she and her friends had their first day of dance at Pulse Dance Studio. Jadyn says that she felt the same feeling walking into the studio, as she does on stage when she's preforming. Jadyn loves how every style of dance tells a different story.



Jadyn's family has always been supportive of her dancing. She was brought up by her mother, being her dance teacher and the studio owner, so she always had help at home and at the studio with her dancing. In her family all four of her sisters as well as her mother are dancers along with herself. Jadyn finds that her best overall quality would have to be that she doesn't give up easily but this can sometimes result in her being very competitive.


     Other hobbies that Jadyn enjoys are practicing Acro tricks on the trampoline, singing with her sister and acting. Jadyn's goal in dance is to work her hardest and get better each year in hope to achieve high in the future. Jadyn's future ambitions include finishing high school, going to college and finding a job that can support her and her future family. Jadyn reminds herself with the quote, "dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another." every time she steps on the dance floor.