Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

You can register in person at the dance studio (Located at 51 Fourth St on the lower level), or by contacting us (705-567-6226). Registration is on a first come, first serve basis and class sizes are limited.

Do your dance classes qualify for the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit?
Yes, your copy of the registration receipt must be retained for your records. Please refer to Revenue Canada’s website for more information.

Can my child try a class before signing up?
Yes, your child may try a class depending on whether or not that class is full.

Do you have a dress code?
Yes, we have a dress code. It is important for students to be wearing proper dance attire for ease of movement, safety and so teachers can see that they are in the proper positions. Dress code info for each class can be found under "Classes".

How many classes should my child take?
This is entirely up to you and your child and what you feel they can do. Some children take only 1 class while others dance several hours per week. If they have the interest, time and energy to take more than one class, it can only strengthen their dance skills.

Can I watch my child’s dance class?
During class we close the doors to prevent children from being distracted by hallway activity. Parents/guardiens are free to accompany their child in the class room for the first 1-3 classes, until they are ready to be on their own. Most times, children do better in class once their parent/guardian is gone. Family and friends can see their dancer preform at the Christmas Showcase, and the Year-End Recital, however we are currently working on installing a video system in our studios for parents to view.

What are my payment options?
a) You can choose to pay the lump sum amount for the season by cash or cheque and get a 5% discount.

b) You can choose to pay in installments due at registration by post dated cheque - 1st payment due at registration, balance by Dec. 31st. 

What if my child doesn’t want to continue classes after the start?
Your child may try another class, and if they still don’t wish to continue, a pro-rated refund will be issued. Classes already taken or missed will not be refunded and after the first month of classes, refunds will only be issued if a medical note is presented indicating a medical concern not present at the time of registration. Any refund issued will be pro-rated according to the number of classes already taken.

Does Pulse offer a Showcase (recital) for my child?

We will be holding two recitals this year, at the end of December and in the first weekend of May. Students all have an opportunity to perform in their costumes to a large audience and show off their hard work!

Does Pulse record the Showcase?
Yes, Pulse will hire a videographer to tape the year-end Showcase. A high quality video of your child’s performance will be available at a reasonable cost.


Does Pulse take pictures of my child in their costume?

Yes, Pulse has a Picture Day and hires a photographer every year to take group pictures as well as individual shots. Photos will be available for purchase at recital.