May 2015 Stage Rehearsal

Dress Rehearsal: Friday, May 1st, 2015

  • In the Auditorium at the Northern College.

  • Attendance is Mandatory! 
    See the Recital Information Chart or the Stage Rehearsal Schedule to determine what time to arrive.


Location - Northern College

Our Recital will be held in the Auditorium at the Northern College. The College is across from the Hospital, on your way out of town towards King Kirkland. Allow enough time to find parking and to walk to the theater.

Be On Time or you will Miss Your Dance

Please be at the Northern College in the auditorium , ready to go on stage, at the times listed below in the Dress Rehearsal Schedule or you will miss your number. Plan to be at theater 15 minutes before your scheduled starting time. Students may stay to watch the dress rehearsal accompanied by a parent, or leave when their dances are done. While waiting for your child's turn, please keep seated and quiet as teachers and students will be trying to communicate with lighting and sound while on stage. 

Note: If you are in more than one dance and wish to leave the auditorium after your first dance, please return on time for your second. In the past, some students have left to eat and missed their second number. Most families bring a meal to eat in the lobby instead of leaving.

Taking Pictures at the Dress Rehearsal

  • Non-flash cameras may be used at any time during the Dress Rehearsal.

  • Video cameras may be used at any time during the Dress Rehearsal.

  • Please do NOT take flash pictures during the number, when students are dancing! Flash pictures are blinding and dangerous to the dancers. 

  • Note that NO photography, of any kind, is allowed at the Recital itself. The Dress Rehearsal is a good opportunity to take pictures. 

  • See our DVD and Photos page for more information and suggestions.

What to Wear

  • Students should arrive in costume unless it is raining. Students in more than one number should bring all of their costumes to change into.

  • All students should wear their hair in a donut but regardless of the required hairstyle for their dance.

  • Students must wear the shoes that they will wear for the Recital.

  • Stage makeup is also necessary, as a way for parents to practice.

No Food or Drink in the Auditorium!!!!

Northern College’s policy is that absolutely no food or drink can be brought into the Auditorium. Eat in the lobby and clean up afterward. We can get in trouble with the theater if people ignore this request and sneak food into the Auditorium that inevitably ends up on the floor, on the seats, and on costumes.







Dress Rehearsal Guests

We do not allow guests to watch the stage rehearsal. Students must be accompanied by one parent (they are not to be dropped off).  Siblings should be left at home if at all possible.  No other guests (relatives, friends) are allowed.


Dress Rehearsal Schedule


Note that this order is subject to change!!!! You can also check the Recital Information Page, which will list the same information by class. If you have questions, please call the studio.