Dress Code

Dress code specifications are implemented to define the respect and structure that the art of dance deserves.  These rules are also set up to ensure that the teachers can see the dancers’ bodies properly to maximize their instruction.  Safety is also extremely important; the body has to be able to move liberally without the constraints of clothing. 

Dancewear may be purchased by the parents as long as students arrive for class in dancewear that meets the dress code requirements.  Pulse will also order Dancewear at affordable costs for those who wish to purchase through us.

Dress Code 2020.jpg

Dress Code Policies

  • All dancers must have their hair tied off their face.


  • All dancers with hair longer than their shoulders must wear their hair in a braid or bun for all classes, shorter hair can be worn in a ponytail.

  • Girls may wear black dance shorts over their leotards.

  • Ballet skirts can be worn for Ballet

  • No loose fitting clothing for Acrobatics

  • Dance dress code is mandatory and dancers may be asked to sit out if clothing is inappropriate for class.

  • ALL STUDENTS should be aware of good grooming and hygiene. Please insure your pre-teen and teenage children use a good anti-perspirant or deodorant.

  • ABSOLUTELY no gum, candy, pop or sugary drinks or snacks in the studio.

  • Fingernails must be short enough that the tips cannot be seen if you look at your hand palm up! This is for your safety and that of other dancers. 

  • No loose or dangling earrings or hoops or other loose jewellery.