Competitive Program

Open to boys and girls 4 years and up who demonstrate skilled dance technique and have a passion and dedication to learning the art of dance. Students are invited to join the competitive program when they feel that they are ready to make the commitment.



  • Students must attend a tryout to be considered for Competitive Team.  This is how we will assess whether your child is ready to Compete, and what skill level they will be placed in.  

  • Students will learn a series of combinations in each dance styles and teachers will be paying attention to each students strengths

  • Students will be assessed on their technique, attitude and commitment, to determine whether they will be competing in the Novice or
    Pre-Competitive level in the fall. 

Pulse feels that every student deserves the opportunity to take part in competing as it is the experience of a lifetime, and a chance for students to bond as a team, therefore we do not turn away any dancers who ACTIVELY participate in the tryout for the Team. If your dancer doesn't yet have the confidence or sits out during the try out, we would encourage them to remain in the Recreational stream until they are ready. Dancers will  be divided into classes by level.






  • Competitive students will represent the studio at 2 out-of-town competitions in May. 

  • Competitive students are expected to commit to attending every class and working hard to improve technique.

  • Commitment is heavily expected in this program - If a student misses more than 5 classes without a valid reason, he/she will not be permitted to compete.

  • All students are trained properly in a healthy, professional atmosphere. 

Student Expectations