Brooklyn O'Reilly was born in New Liskard, Ontario and is now being raised in Kirkland Lake, where she attends high school at KLDCS, in the french immersion prgram. Brooklyn has danced for several years in JSANO's summer dance program and has danced at Pulse Dance And Fitness Studio for 2 years, beginning her 3rd year in September. Brooklyn has sang and danced many times at the Northern College in Kirkland lake in several showcases, as well as at many competitions and charity events. Brooklyn has assisted in dance classes before in the Jsano dance program and has helped teach dance to kids at birthday parties and other events held at Pulse.


      Ever since she was a baby, Brooklyn had a passion for music. Before Brooklyn could walk, she would dance around in her Jolly Jumper, making her family laugh. Brooklyn claims that she has found inspiration from popular movies when she was young such as High School Musical and Camp Rock. Brooklyn's favourite dance memory is her very first competition in Sudbury, but she also cherishes every memory that she has being on stage. Her favourite style of dance is jazz, she likes it because she feels it's different from the other dance styles. Jazz is very technical (similar to ballet) only you get to show attitude and play a part. Brooklyn is a very technical dancer, as she strives perfection and being able to accomplish a new move.

      Brooklyn's  family is a very close when it comes to dance, for all four of her sisters are dancers and their mom is the teacher/Owner of PDFS. Growing up together, the girls bonded strongly over their passion for dance. 


     Brooklyn loves to turn, and considers it her strongest quality. In dance classes she loves to do fouettés, a la second turns and any other type of turn. However, being left handed, Brooklyn struggles with the difficulty of being uncomfortable and confused, as everything in dance usually starts on the right.  Brooklyn considers herself to be a very artsy person which is why she also loves to act and draw. Brooklyn is hoping to someday become a dance teacher or a daycare worker because of her love for children. Brooklyn's favorite quote that she would like to tell all dancers is, "be yourself because everyone else is already taken!" -Unknown