Party Policies


Party Locations

All of our parties are held at the studio, located at 51 Fourth Street Kirkland Lake, entry through the lower parking lot. 


Cancellations and Refunds

If you must cancel your party for any reason, the following refund policy applies: The $100 DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE. In the event you have to cancel, Pulse Dance and Fitness Studio will gladly make every effort to reschedule another party date. 


Host-your-Own Party

This corresponds with the Basic Package, and is a great way to have a spectacular birthday event and save money. Three-Four days prior to your party event, Pulse Dance and Fitness Studio will contact you to discuss party details, and run you through the event. A Pulse Dance Studio Employee will open the studio for you to use, and come back to close when you have finished. Pulse Dance and Fitness Studio will provide everything you need to host your own party (Items will need to be returned prior to using with the exception of guest party favours).


Pulse Dance and Fitness Studio Hosted Event

Our party hosts will arrive at the studio approximately 30 minutes prior to party time. Our hosts are responsible for set-up, running a smooth party, and clean up. Check your party theme for length of party time.


Minimum and Maximum Attendance 

Depending on party themes - prices are based on 8 guests, including the guest of honour (check your party theme for number of guests included). If less than 8 children attend, you will still be charged for 8 children. If you have over the basic amount of guests attending your event, there will be additional charge per guest specific to the theme package you have selected. Please be aware of maximum attendees before inviting guests. 


Final Headcount of Guests

Please contact us with your final headcount 2 days before event. This is the amount you will be charged for - please make sure it is accurate. For all parties, if a child does not attend your event, you will still be charged. 


Age Appropriate Parties 

If a party theme suggests a certain age group that usually includes younger siblings. A Spa Girls party does not work when a 2-3 year old little sister wants to do everything the big girls do, this can be very disruptive to a party. For hosted parties, we try to accommodate siblings - but some parties just don't work with a certain age group. Please contact us for suggestions on how to include siblings at your party.


Party Duration

The length of your party depends on several factors - the party theme, the age of the children, how many children are attending, are you making extra crafts, do you start on time or wait 15 minutes until everyone arrives, are you opening presents at the party, and are you serving lunch/dinner?  We recommend 2-3 hours for host-your-own parties. Contact us if you would like the time recommendations to be narrowed down for your event.  


Food and Beverages 

Pulse Dance and Fitness Studio only provides food in the Premiere Package, a light meal. We do not provide the cake so remember to order a cake a week or two in advance, unless you are making it yourself (don't forget the candles).



Some of our party themes have dress-up costumes; which are kept clean and in excellent condition. Typically costumes work best over a leotard (for girls), this way it is also more comfortable for your guests. All of our costumes for boys work well over a t-shirt and shorts/jeans. The party time-line allows for the guests to wear the costumes long enough to enjoy them. Costumes are expensive to replace and dry-clean, we ask no eating or drinking be allowed while wearing the costumes (water is ok). Costumes also are not allowed on grass. 


Client Obligations are to:

- Remain with/near the party at all times

- Provide a gathering place for parent(s) of the guests who wish to stay

- Keep a smoke-free environment (outside the building included)

- Attend to a child that does not want to participate, misbehaves, or becomes ill. 

- Provide any unincluded items that are necessary


*In order to provide you with the best party possible, we ask that you please do not arrive more than 10 minutes early.*